Frequently Asked Questions

When should I expect to get gas turned on?

Typically, after your tie in fee is paid and your service line is installed. The main line crews will come to your property and tap the service line that has been installed to the main line. Once this is done you will have a door knocker on your front door that says "Your service line has been energized with gas and you are now ready for your plumber or heating contractor to convert your appliances to natural gas and schedule for a meter." Please be advised, Weather is a determining factor and we try to being service as quickly as possible.

What is this form inside my door?

This form is called a consult. This lets you know the cost of the additional footage required to get gas to your home. Once this form is signed it is then agreed that you will pay for the additional footage. We then schedule your residence for installation of your service line. This also shows you where the proposed gas line will go and provides our contact information in case of any questions.

Why do I have to sign this form?

This form gives Stevenson Utilities Construction, LLC. permission to come on your property and perform natural gas service line installation. This form once received by SUC your service line will be scheduled for installation.

Why can't I have the gas lines where I want it?

We are required to follow the guidelines of the local utility company. In addition, there may be obstacles or other underground utilities that may prevent us from installing the service line where the homeowner wishes it to be placed.

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